Revealed! Here’s Why We’re Rebranding Now

Revealed! Here’s Why We’re Rebranding Now

A peek behind the scenes

We’re a pretty open and honest bunch, as you’ll know. So, we want to share our rebranding thought process with you because there’s much more to this amazing transformation than simply wanting to look better.

The first thing we did was head back to the drawing board to nail down our mission and vision…

Mission: Our mission is to proactively empower organisations and businesses around the UK with the best possible IT solutions. 

Vision: We see a brighter future for Britain’s organisations in which their digital performance is optimised so they can run to the best of their potential. 


Then, we defined our values like this…

1. Excellence
Performance is everything. We get the job done to the best possible standard.

2. Integrity
We’re honest with our clients. We’ll say what we really believe and back it up with reason.

3. Proactivity
We don’t just tick boxes. We actively look to optimise and improve our clients’ businesses.

4. Personality
We’re not robots. We’re real people who enjoy pina coladas and ping pong. 


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