Post-Pandemic – How has the Cyber Security Landscape Changed?

Post-Pandemic – How has the Cyber Security Landscape Changed?

Since 2020, there has been a massive global shift in the way organisations communicate, collaborate and generally do business! Everything turned digital, team members took to platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom to communicate with their colleagues. Many also turned to Sharepoint and other Microsoft 365 platforms to collaborate with ease. But where does cyber security come into all of this?

Did you know? Since the pandemic began, cyber attacks are up 400%

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that most companies had to solely depend on technology, meaning that cyber security was brought to the fore. Keep on reading to find out whether your company is using the correct software and solutions when it comes to cyber security…


The First Step – The Assessment

Assessing what current cyber security measures you have in place is crucial! By taking a step back and looking at all of the software and applications that your company uses, you can narrow down the ones that have excellent cyber security steps implemented and some that may be lacking in it.

For example, you want to see whether you have Advanced Email Filtering & Protection, Anti-Virus, Malware and Ransomware Software. These are just some of the paramount cyber solutions and software that your organisation should have in place!

At Qlic, we offer Best Practice Analysis’ for those businesses who wish to perfect their Cyber Security measures. We recommend the best cyber security solutions and tailor them for your business. Get in Touch!

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